Work House


        The work house is the other pillar of our company.



                The work house has been designed to decrease the time used in each work to minimum; for that we have a lot of elements which help us in this way.


    Once the equipment is downloaded, itīs carried to the washing room where the equipment is prepared for the later disassembly and examination.


  (detail of the cylinder head work station)

                After the washing room, the equipment is placed in the work station, where itīs beed dissabled by parts and developed to the correpondents laboratories, where each part is overhauled.

(detail of the work station)

                After the verification of all the components, the technical department, make a detailed overhauling offer a send it to the customer, for him to aprove it (regarding ISO9002).

                After the aproval for the overhauling, it starts the overhauling of all parts in sundry departments for a later assembly in the equipment.

                Once the equipment is assemblied, itīs carried to the test where the equipment is proved  and allow us to corroborate that all the parameters and specifications of the engine, transmission or hydraulic system is correct (always according to the manufacturers specifications).

            In adition to the bench test we make an oil analysis to observe the oil detergency, viscosity, dilution, water percentage, as well as wearing down

                Talleres Semace offer also a mobile  service for diagnosis faults and disassembly of any kind of equipment in any part of Spain.


                We have all kind of tools for the complete overhauls of the equipments as  injectors timing, equipment for racks synchronization, compressimeters, MUI fuel system & valve settings... 

(Tool for injection timming of CumminsĐ engines)



(vacuum tester)


(Temperature pistols)


        Likewise, we have the most advanced tools and methods for diagnost faults on equipments.


(Prolink for Allison transmssions)


(Tank for cylinder heads pressure tests)


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