Work house

        The work house is the other pillar of our company next to the spare parts. 

        Has been designed to optimize the overhauling time, attaining the lowest time in the complete overhaul of the equipment.


Injection equipments

        We have an injection laboratory with all the adaptation tools, and equipment neccesary to overhaul and verify all the injection´s component (fuel pumps, injectors, hydraulic injectors, nozzles, prechambers...) of all brands we work.


Electrical equipments

         The electrical laboratory has been thought to overhaul and prove all kind of electrical components of the equipments as crancking motors, alternators, speed sensors, temperature sensors, tachometers... and all products related with the equipment we overhaul.

Bench tester

         Nowadays the bench testers are designed to remove all faults and guarantee the total and perfect work of the equipment  By that, Talleres Semace, S.A. give a 6 month full warranty in all the components or equimpents we overhaul.



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