The injection laboratory, is prepared to verify and overhaul all the components of the fuel system; in the photography can be observes some of the machines to verify diverse components of the fuel system.




(Tool to check injector´s watertightness)


(Bench for calibrate Cummins© injectors)


(Bench for calibrate Detroit Diesel injectors)


(Tool to check pulverization of the injector)


(Tool to check Caterpillar® prechambers)


          The process for the repair of the injectors consist of taking of data for the calibration and verification (always according to the manufacturers specifications and needings of the customer), disassembly of the injector, , make a detailed overhauling offer by the technical department and send it to the customer, for him to aprove it (regarding ISO9002)., after the aproval, the injector is assemblied with the parts needed for the overhauling, tests of watertightness and pulverization and finally calibration.

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