Bench Tester


                 Once the transmision or the hydraulic system is overhauled, itīs carried to the bench test where all the parameters are controlled to guarantee the correct work (always according to the manufacturers specifications ).  


(General view of the control panel of the bench tester)

               In case of the transmissions, the tester controls all the pressures in each one of their speeds, always following  manufacturers specifications  ; in  case of  hydraulic systems they are proven controlling so much the pressure demanded in work regime, like the oil flow. 


(Front view of the control panel)


(Detail of the ways out of the tester)

                In the photography can be observed a detail of the diverse ways out that the tester offers to us, so we can simulate the behavior of any type of hydraulic system and how should would work in the equipment.


(Detail of the controller for manual and automatic transmissions)


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